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Homogenizing equipment, bulk machine, discharge valve, ventilation valve, high temperature valve, other valves

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Jiangsu Tiangong Machinery Engineering Co., LTD. is located in Baidian Town, Haian County, Nantong, Jiangsu Province, which is in the north of Yangtze River and the seashore of the Yellow Sea by the Tong Yang River. It is know as Land of Fish and Rice of Lixiahe Area for its developed river network, the clear water, the fertile land, beautiful scenery, and abuandant seafood, freshwater products produced by the Yellow Sea and Yangtze River. It is a hospitable place of 4 distinct seasons and mild climate.
It enjoys advantageous geographical position with convenient sea and land transportation. Tong-Yang Canal is connected to Nantong Port, thus the goods there could be shipped to all over the world through this Port. The National Highway 328 and 204 are crossed for access to all parts of the country. Haian Railway Station is a secondary marshalling station of the newly built Xinchang Railroad railway, expected to start in Haian Station to Nanjing Railway Station. Haian is the largest transportation hub and cargo hub goods collecting and distributing center in the the mid Jiangsu region. Roads between Baidian Town and Haian County is wide and clear, thus making the transportation there convenient and fast.
We are an incorporated enterprise built in 2002. The board of directors is responsible for the decision-making on the management policy and objectives, and under the leadership of the directors, there is a manager board, who will decompose and carry out the policy, objectives, plans and tasks, arrange the daily work and deal with the external affairs. While each branch facotry of this corporated enterprise will be leaded by the manager board to undertake tasks and jobs of its facotry assigned by the manager board.
Now we have 508 employees, of whom 25 are managers, 59 engineering technical staff. The existing total assets are more than 26 million yuan (RMB), including amongest fixed assets are more than 11 million yuan, covering an area of more than 40,000m², including around 16,000m² building area and 12,0

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