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What kind of valves are used in cement plants?

Author:Click:143 Release time:2017-04-18

The valves required for cement production line projects are mainly a full set of electric valves, electric regulating valves and actuators.


1. Valves: electric butterfly valve, electric shutter valve, pneumatic push rod butterfly valve (with pneumatic device) explosion-proof valve

2. Electric ball valve

3. Solid material three-way valve and fan valve: electro-hydraulic three-way valve, electro-hydraulic four-way valve, electro-hydraulic fan valve, electric valve, electric lock air feeder, electro-hydraulic Moving flat gate valve (with electro-hydraulic push rod), electric one-way flat gate valve (with electric push rod), pneumatic flat gate valve (with pneumatic device)

4. Discharge valve at the bottom of cement silo

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